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Phuket Seafood, Foods and Cuisine

  • Pla Thod Nam Pla
    Deep fried fish with fish sauce

  • Pla Thod Nam Dang
    Deep fried fish with red sauce

  • Hoi Chak Teen Luak
    Boiled local shells

  • Yum Yod Mara Seafood
    Thai spicy salad seafood

  • Poo Phad Manow
    Fried crabs with lemon sauce

  • Nam Prik Kung Seap
    Smoked shrimp with chili paste local style

  • Phak Meang Tom Kati Kung Sod
    Stir boiled local green vegetable with smoked shrimps

  • Tom Som Pla Krabok
    Sour fresh fish soup local style

  • Kaeng Kati Poo Mee Hoon
    Crabs with coconut milk curry Phuket style

  • Kaeng Leuang Pla Duk Talay
    Striped Sea Catfish in yellow curry